CM10 Jelly Bean Theme Holidayz Christmas Theme!

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    It seems early right?! You better get used to it. Christmas comes earlier every year. As Walmart and RiteAid begin to remove all the Halloween costumes and candy from the shelves themer "Jedi Counsel" of Team Baked brings you the first taste of Christmas this season. This is one of the most complete holiday themes ever. There will be a free version of this theme soon, but it is already pretty affordable at $1.25.

    Themed Elements include:

    -Apex Launcher/Nova Launcher/Trebuchet Launcher
    -Calculator, Calendar, Deskclock, Email, Gmail, MMS, Contacts, Phone (all inverted)
    -PlayStore (Inverted)
    -Rom Control (AOKP)
    -System UI
    -Twitter (Inverted)
    -Facebook Widget
    -Animated Notifications

    Grab this sweet theme
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