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    Here is a list of CM7 Theme Chooser themes, originally started in the heroc forum here. It was suggested that I post it here in the main Android theme forum since these are more or less universal for any CM7 device.

    I'll keep adding any I find, and try to classify them at least as MDPI and/or HDPI, along with a short description.

    Of course, if anyone finds one not on here, or sees anything that needs correction, let me know in a comment or pm and I'll add it.

    Format: Link/Name of theme (developer) - description

    Blue Bionic (Upward Spiral) - Blue colored
    Red Remix (Upward Spiral) - Red colored
    Minimal Magic (Upward Spiral) - Black and white minimalist
    Orange Octane (Upward Spiral) - Orange colored
    Galaxy Green (Upward Spiral) - Green colored
    Purple Punch (Upward Spiral) - Purple colored
    Punk Pink (Upward Spiral) - Pink colored
    JAMT White Gradient (ClassicalGas) - Minimalist white
    JAMT Flat Black (ClassicalGas) - Minimalist black
    Blue Theme (Ricardo Cerqueira) - Blue colored
    Pink Theme (Ricardo Cerqueira) - Pink colored
    Red Theme (Ricardo Cerqueira) - Red colored
    Yellow Theme (Ricardo Cerqueira) - Yellow colored
    Mau5 (Ricardo Cerqueira) - Cyan colored/mouse theme
    Greybread (Kmobs) - Grey colored
    GreybreadX (rori) - Grey colored
    CyanbreadX (rori)- Cyan (light blue) colored
    Red Bread (Tony Layher) - Red colored
    Captivated (R. M. Green) - Galaxy S theme

    Cyan Skulls and Dragons (CondemnedSoul) - Exactly what it sounds like, Cyan colored skulls and dragons
    Blackened (CondemnedSoul) - Black and red colored
    Speedometer Battery Gauge (CondemnedSoul) - Only changes battery gauge to speedometer style with 1% increments for text
    Samsung, Moto, and Sony Stock Themes (kevin2516) - Stock looking themes for MotoBlur, TouchWiz, Xperia, Xperia Arc, and GingerBlur
    BuuF (kevin2516) - Light brown colored
    Elegent Steel (kevin2516) - Grey colored
    iNexusmatte (kevin2516) - iPhone/Apple themed
    SteelBlue (edint3000) - Blue colored
    Optimus2X (ZduneX25) - Stock looking LG Optimus 2X
    RetroDroid (nhnt11) - Froyo theme
    NTSense (nhnt11) - Sense theme
    EyeCandy-Animated (zexcrazy) - Colorful theme, blue keyboard
    Red Passion (zexcrazy) - Red colored
    Rover Mix (rover.prince) - Black/white colored
    Rover Blue (rover.prince) - Blue/black colored
    Rover Cyan (rover.prince) - Cyan/black colored
    HTC.Elegence (elelinux) - Sense theme
    Blue Buzzer (voodoo55) - Cyan colored
    Androidian - Green colored, included in CM7
    Honeycomb 3D (moneymike55) - Blue colored, Honeycomb style
    Sithdroid (XJRodzx) - Star Wars themed/red colored
    ArcSwift (ZduneX25) - Black/white/gray colored
    Mixer (MrDSL) - Colorful icons, blue highlights (! mildly nsfw screenshot in thread !)
    Cloudy (kgill7) - Mostly black/white, clouds, crayon-type icons
    StormTrooper (kgill7) - Star Wars/stormtrooper themed
    Minimal Arrows (kgill7) - Modified MIUI theme with new icons
    Mariolicious (kgill7) - Mario Bros themed

    Sculpted (shift) - Neon green colored
    Minimal Bread (david1171) - Black and white minimalist
    Purpbread (GFX Android) - Purple colored
    Honeybread (GFX Android) - Honeycomb theme
    Futurama (Sonny Sekhon) - Futurama theme
    Lucid (Sonny Sekhon) - Black/white/transparent colored
    Vivid (Sonny Sekhon) - Colorful icons
    Frost (Sonny Sekhon) - Black/white/grey colored
    Onyx (Sonny Sekhon) - Black and white minimalist
    Monochrome (Sonny Sekhon) - Black/white/dark grey colored
    Tangerine (Sonny Sekhon) - Orange colored
    Sublime Cyan (Sonny Sekhon) - Cyan colored
    Ember (Sonny Sekhon) - Dark gray colored
    Sublime Blue (Sonny Sekhon) - Light blue colored
    Sublime Red (Sonny Sekhon) - Red colored
    Sublime Dark Blue (Sonny Sekhon) - Dark blue colored
    Sublime Purple (Sonny Sekhon) - Neon purple colored
    Sublime (Sonny Sekhon) - Bright green colored (think Android color)
    Sublime Green (Sonny Sekhon) - Slightly darker green than Sublime above
    Sublime Yellow (Sonny Sekhon) - Bright yellow colored
    Sublime Pink (Sonny Sekhon) - Neon pink colored
    Sublime Grey (Sonny Sekhon) - Light gray colored
    Arctic Blue (Sonny Sekhon) - Blue colored
    Arctic Purple (Sonny Sekhon) - Purple colored
    Arctic Pink (Sonny Sekhon) - Pink colored
    Arctic Yellow (Sonny Sekhon) - Yellow colored
    Arctic Green (Sonny Sekhon) - Green colored
    Arctic Orange (Sonny Sekhon) - Orange colored
    Arctic Grey (Sonny Sekhon) - Grey colored
    Vivid Red (Sonny Sekhon) - Red colored
    Vivid Blue (Sonny Sekhon) - Blue colored
    Honeycream (rori) - Brown colored, with Honeycomb bee images (not really a Honeycomb theme though)
    Phantom (rori) - Black and dark gray colored
    Black and Blue (Dread 7us) - What it sounds like
    Black and Green (Dread 7us) - What it sounds like
    Black and Red (Dread 7us) - What it sounds like
    Black and White (Dread 7us) - What it sounds like
    Jager and Monster (Dread 7us) - Green colored, based on Jagermeister and Monster Energy brands
    Shades of Orange (Dread 7us) - Orange colored
    Purple (Dread 7us) - Purple colored
    Blue Honeycomb (Dread 7us) - Blue colored
    Red Honeycomb (Dread 7us) - Red colored
    Purple Honeycomb (Dread 7us) - Purple colored
    Green Honeycomb (Dread 7us) - Green colored
    Pink (Dread 7us) - Pink colored
    Blue Glass (nmiltner) - Blue/white colored, like ice
    Crimson Frost (iamthebigcheeze) - Red/white colored
    Crimson Void (iamthebigcheeze) - Red/black colored
    Detox (iamthebigcheeze) - White/green colored
    Detox Blues (iamthebigcheeze) - White/blue colored

    Anastasdroid (jsmccabe78) - Colorful, glossy icons
    BlackSlate (grooltor) - Black/white/dark gray minimalist
    Honeycomb Theme (haxzamatic) - Stock Honeycomb style
    Linear (bgill55) - Dark gray/red minimalist
    OMFGB (AdhvanIt) - Improved gingerbread (! mildly nsfw screenshot in thread !)
    iNexus (MrDSL) - iOS/iPhone theme
    Matted Blues Port (jabbawalkee) - Unofficial port of Matted Blues (Blue colored)

    ORIGINAL THREAD:[STICKY] CM7 Theme Chooser Themes - xda-developers for downloads
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