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    *** This is a T-mobile theme engine theme ***

    My newest theme Bump. In my opinion this is the best and most detailed theme I have made to date, the color set-up is primarily grey and black using subtle gradients to give it a nice polished effect. I came up with the name for Bump because the effects of the theme use indents and raised portions to differentiate between things like read and unread lists giving it an amazing overall look, if you decide to check it out I hope you enjoy the theme as much as i have enjoyed creating it.

    ***Whats Included***
    This theme will completely change your phone theming most all system apps and various third party market apps.

    ***Whats not Included***
    This theme will not theme your icons in the app drawer, nor does it include wallpapers. I plan on releasing a free launcher theme in the near future that users can use to add on to this to theme.

    Market Link:

    ***Install Instructions***
    1. Install apk
    2. Go to theme chooser select system theme and reboot
    3. Go to theme chooser select Bump and reboot
    4. Enjoy the theme

    Thanks to haxzmatic for providing a source to work from when theme chooser first began with CM7, @nmiltner for helping me when my source broke, @Bboy, @stetsonaw, and @Dcomobile for various help along the way. Also thanks to the whole andoid community especially those who have helped me along this themeing path and anyone who has ever used/uses my work.

    ** I truly appreciate anyone who supports my work so thank you for downloading and if you like theme let me know by leaving good comments. Also I would like for everyone to be happy with there purchase so please any issues you have contact me and I will do what I can to fix the issue as quickly as possible. Again thank you for your support.**


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