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    I did my best to read the new "Ultimate App2sd" thread. It is over my head. It was my understand that if I used ROM Manager to partition my SD card that when I installed the ROM it would automatically take the sd-ext partition into consideration w/o any extra steps or apps. I tried the process several times with no luck.

    The interesting thing is that with or w/o the partition, the ROM only creates a 2 mb section for A2SD apps. It was full after moving two apps.

    With some what limited knowledge of Android, I used terminal see the size of the sd partitions. /mnt/sdcard is ~14.9 gb out of 16gb as expected. /mnt/sd-ext isn't there. I have extremely limited knowledge on "mount" so not wanting to take a chance trying to mount it. The root directory does show a sd-ext that is listed as "system" instead of "root."

    Must go back to my rooted OG Droid 1 backup for now.

    Any help would be appreciated.
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