Clean N Green Pro Eco-friendly Android App

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    Welcome to the world of Clean N Green Pro Eco-friendly Android App


    Finally, natural cleaning remedies are just a tap away!
    Filling your home with toxic chemicals can be dangerous to children, pets, and the environment. With Clean and Green, you will learn new homemade methods to cleaning your home that are completely chemical-free.

    You'll discover helpful cleaning remedies containing non-toxic, harmless household products you probably already have. Learn how to clean your bathroom, kitchen, living room and other places around the home with a tap - it’s that simple.

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    With Clean and Green Pro, you'll find safe and effective cleaners for your:
    - Bathroom: Scrub your bath, toilet & more without toxic chemicals
    - Kitchen: Clean tiles, floors, glass, stove & more
    - Laundry: Wash your clothes without damaging them or the environment
    - Living Room: Get spotless windows, carpets, rugs & more easily
    -Extra Content in each category in Pro version without any advertising

    Never touch those expensive, toxic and heavy duty cleaners ever again. Download the Clean and Green app

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