Classic Rock Fans, Attention: New Music

Discussion in 'Off Topic Forum' started by hookbill, Oct 19, 2010.

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    Seems the only way to spread word about an artist releasing a new album these days is by word of mouth, or the internet. Elton John and Leon Russell released a new album today called The Union. Now everybody knows Elton, but some of you may have forgotten Leon. He performed int the concert for Bangladesh, very successful solo artist in the early 1970's. Well, Leon was being disrespected in the music business and to Elton he was one of the piano players that he looked up to so Elton and Bernie Tuapin and Leon have written all the songs on this album.

    I bought it last night at about 1:00 am and was joyfully listening to it as I fell asleep. This one looks like a classic from two classic artists, check it out. Videos are available on You Tube and Google is your friend.