Choosing photo in app changes my wallpaper?!

Discussion in 'Droid X Tech Support' started by AppMeister, Aug 21, 2010.

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    Aug 21, 2010
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    Hi. I'm an Android developer who's trying to figure out a problem that seems only to affect Droid X users.

    I allow users to select a photo to upload to my server. To do this, my app opens up the standard image chooser, which should allow you to select an image and crop it. This works fine on the Android 1.6, 2.1 and 2.2 emulators and on a G1 running 1.6.

    But several Droid X users report that choosing a photo this way changes their wallpaper!

    I see lots of questions on this forum about how to choose wallpaper on Droid X. Is this confusing for users? Does selecting a photo present a variety of options that could be confusing? Does Droid X do things differently than stock Android 2.x?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.