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    Anime Calculator is a beautifully design calculator. It has both an anime mode and a classic calculator mode. Includes animations, and a particles system on the menu to help maximize the user experience. This android app was done with cellphones in mind, therefore it tries when possible to use less battery power and as low ram as possible.
    One thing that we are including for the first time in this application is a Live Wallpaper Nature in anime mode. The reason for this is we have been getting a lot of requests after the release of live wallpaper butterfly. What we are trying to achieve with this is to take our application to the next level where the user can enjoy our app and also have beautiful themes on the background of the phone.

    We have made every effort possible to test the application on as many devices a possible but if you find one that doesn't work correctly please let us know, we would be happy to look into this matter.
    Also since the application use two engines, these are AndEngine and Rajawali Engine, some phone are not suited to use this program therefore they have been filtered out on the play store to avoid user confusion.

    We hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it and would appreciate your feedback since the reason we work hard is because you the user make all of this possible.

    Special Thanks

    We would like to thank AndEngine because thanks to it we were able to create a big part of Anime Calculator

    We would like to thank the rajawali engine because thanks to it it was possible to make such an app.

    We would also like to thank the Nature Academy because their tutorials were of great help with modeling the necessary resources for this android application.

    Thank you for trying our product.

    If you would like to try more of our apps we have:
    Live Wallpaper Butterfly X, Air Horn X, Relaxing Sounds X, Wallpapers X, Valentines Wallpaper X, Led Flashlight X, Wallpapers Fractals X, Christmas Carol and Fireworks X
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