ChatHeads for Twitter With Tweet Balloon!

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    Chatheads was released by Facebook with much fan fare. This feature proved to be incredibly useful for those of us who use facebook messaging as much as we use text messaging. One could wonder why twitter had not released a similar app. Developer "kozaxian" has released his version of Chatheads for twitter which he is calling Tweet Balloon. To use Tweet Balloon you just need to open the app, sign in to twitter, after which you will see the tweet balloon hovering on the edge of your homescreen. Tapping the balloon opens up your full twitter feed. If you tap it again it will revert back to the balloon only on the screen. This app is customizable. Some features of the app include ability to hide or display certain categories of tweets, ability to customize the twitter feed font size, display URL of tweets, display the source of tweets, custom refresh intervals, custom ringtones, notifications, and vibrations, and more! Head to the Play link below for the download.

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