Charging Problems

Discussion in 'Bugless' started by danktamagachi, May 30, 2010.

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    Cross-Posted from support forum to take advantages of the geniuses over here :)

    So I installed BB1.1 with no problems a few days ago. However, I've noticed that now my phone won't charge! USB Debugging works but when it is plugged in to either my computer or the wall the light doesn't come on and the status says "Discharging" in the settings "About Phone" menu. Anyone ever have this problem? I've even tried flashing back to BB1.0 and still no charge! I've also tried reflashing the kernel and using ROM Manager to go back to stock 2.1

    The phone KEEPS ITS CURRENT BATTERY LEVEL when plugged in but won't actively charge!

    It seems as if the phone knows when its plugged in due to the fact that it doesn't drain and USB debugging works.

    Anyone have any ideas? Please let me know!