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    WHy is this method even brought up:

    Well the other day someone installed the 2.3.20 from MDW. Now I did not have any issues and I know he wiped upon installing his. But every time he used a rooted app particularly Titanium backup it would constantly ask for root permissions. As soon as he click remember and allow it would pop up again and it would not go away until he clicked deny. I figured that the the superuser.apk that was preinstalled from MDW may have been conflicting or just not working right with his phone. So I tested a theory to see if I could fix it and it worked. So here are the steps.

    1) You must be rooted already and have root explorer (its just faster).

    2) from rootwiki download the Droid2root folder on a computer.

    3) move the Superuser.apk from there to your sdcard (preferably the root of the sdcard)

    4) open root explorer and click system, app folder, then find the superuser.apk. click the mount r/w button.

    5) click and hold the superuser.apk and delete it

    6) click back button twice.

    7) click sdcard folder

    8) scroll down until u find the superuser.apk on your sdcard.

    9) long press and click copy

    10) click back button once

    11) navigate and click on system folder

    12) then click app

    13) click paste.

    14) scroll down in the app folder until you find the superuser.apk

    15) tap the superuser.apk and click install.

    16) the app will install and you should have the old version of the superuser.apk

    This method may not be needed for every one. I personally did not have a problem with the superuser.apk. But for those who may run into an issue here is a quick fix.
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