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Discussion in 'Android Custom & Themes' started by jason6g, Jul 8, 2010.

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    Jun 13, 2010
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    one of the things that has bugged me was the motorola logo screen before the bootloader, it shows the M. i have always wanted to dress that up some.

    add a slight gradient/shadow to the logo, maybe a hint of reflection under it, maybe even a glass look to it. what bothers me is that i cant seem to find any information about replacing it! ive managed to make my own custom graphics for just about everything else i use/see on my phone, but i cant seem to do it on that M screen.

    i presume i have to do some rediculously dangerous process re-flashing some file, but i cant find any documentation.

    further ideas, on the devour there is a nice little animation in place, i presume they simply put the bootloader right after, but would be a nice touch to add a fade effect, especially for some of the more elegant roms out there (sapphire)

    any help would be greatly appreciated, and if i make any progress ill make sure to add to this thread