Celebrity Archive – To Make You a Hunter of Republic News

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    [​IMG]Celebrity Archive(Free) – To Make You a Hunter of Republic News

    People Website provides breaking celebrity and royal news, photos, fashion styles, videos and games in their circle. Celebrity Archive gives you an express way to gain the breaking news directly from people’s website across the world. It is well designed for those who want to know the breaking headlines, news and hot pieces of celebrity. There are hundreds of photos ready to refresh every second in Celebrity Archive about how those stars are wearing, how they are living, what they are doing, and what’s their next plan. To use Celebrity Archive and follow all your favorite people everywhere, every time, just need a click, you could know everything happening right now! It also supports home screen widget that is fashionable in style and simple to use. If you want, you could preview images at small size, read and save full news content and images, or share your favorite star news and images with your friends.
    - Top News: A visualized sight show the lasting news directly.
    - Celeb Photos: Catching the acting photos every day of breaking headlines!
    - Style Watch News: Collecting the styles of celebrity and give some comments.
    - Designed easy-to-use User Interface.
    - Support offline reading with images
    - Share articles via email or SMS with your friends
    - Bookmark and restore useful information by adding to Favorites
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