Casio G'zone Type L ???

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    ... any news on it's release in the USA?

    I have the Commando and I would love this as an upgrade
    .. also interested in it as a replacement for my girlfriends phone .. water DOA ... again :-(

    Ahh .. I see that the FCC has a C811 on the books ... might be our new "Commando"

    This looks very much like the shape of the one the FCC is looking at ...
    ... I bet we'll be getting something very similar

    View attachment 61974

    EDIT: No Longer A Rumor
    ... Verizon will have it , and it will have three different battery/back options - normal - extended - wireless charging ... pictures, inside and out , and the user manual .. at the FCC

    Casio® Commando 4G LTE Accessories

    It looks like Verizon finally has it listed
    ... I hear June 27 and a price of $199 with discounts to $99
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