Case I bought holds extended battery plus battery tip that works which was mentioned

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    I just got case yesterday and it is great.It is very hard and will hold extend battery. I got mine cheaper in the storeand got extended battery for 25 in store yesterday. I walked in the store andtold them I was offered the 25 buck price for extended battery and 25 percentoff accessories. I did not get questioned and got the deal as this was truelast week during the launch of bionic. The case is great and whoever statesphone slips out of case is not telling the truth. This case is the real deal toprotect phone and of course fits extended battery. I got 9 foot usb wallcharger, case, and extended battery for under 80 bucks including my statesexpensive sales tax. I think I did well. The usb cord is a meter long. Also asa tip which was mentioned on here about battery life previously does work. Usephone until battery turns off phone. Hold power button for 10 seconds and letcharge overnight. I am getting much much better results today on stock batteryusing 4g. I am sure the extended battery will not disappoint but will reportback once I cycle that battery when Fedex comes Monday or Tuesday.

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