Case causing sliding problems on Motorola Droid

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    I have a bit of a unique issue to address...

    I bought a Rocketfish case for my Motorola Droid at Best Buy (yes, I know I should have known better...) and at first I didn't have any real issues with it, but the problem arose when I took off the case. The case has an unusually thick snap on design, and when I removed it to clean off my Droid I found that the slider had loosened considerably. it's almost as if the case had pulled upwards on the front face of the phone. Now if I hold it horizontally up to my face I can see through to the other side of the phone. Not only that but now the phone will slide open in my pocket, wiggle whenever I use the touch screen as well as move and make a loud tapping noise when I text. This has caused the phone to feel cheap and structurally weaker, and needless to say I'm more than a little disappointed :mad:.

    My question is, can anything be done about this? Can the face of the phone be tightened or fastened down? The case is out of the 30 day return policy, and I doubt Verizon will offer any grace due to the nature of my 3rd party accessory. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. One thought that had crossed my mind is, can I say anything to Verizon in regards to 2.1 malfunctioning on my phone? Is there any widespread issue caused by 2.1, or anything for that matter, that would warrant them giving me a replacement (new) Droid? I'm obviously not intending to scam Verizon or pull a fast one on them, I've had nothing but good experiences with the company, but I also love my Droid and would prefer it to remain in good condition.

    Hopefully this doesn't imply any bad ethics on my part, but I believe most of you can understand the desire to reconcile the issue.

    Thanks for any help you may have
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