Car USB Chargers

Discussion in 'Android Accessories' started by jdubbs23, Dec 16, 2009.

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    I bought this car adapter: MEElectronics USB Car Adapter. I want to be able to power my Sirius Car radio (only has cigarette adapter) and my cell phone at the same time when I'm driving. With this device I am able to plug it into my single cigarette lighter socket, then plug this device in, and then plug the Sirius adapter into it, along with a Micro USB cable for my phone.

    Unfortunately when I plugged my phone in it wasn't charging. The Sirius worked fine. I"m not sure if this is a defective device, or if there is something not compatible with the Droid. Have others used any 3rd party devices like this and had success charging the Droid? Does anyone know of any reason why it wouldn't be able to charge the Droid? A friend of mine mentioned on an older Motorola phone he had that he wasn't able to use devices like this because the phone used some proprietary data information down the USB cable to identify official chargers.