car stereo DOCK, Charger/ multimedia server and FM Tuner

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    Lets make a car stereo that the droid docks into. When your not using the car a Stock AM/FM tuner with a simular cover to Audi's billet Aluminum cover. touch the cover to open and insert your :motdroidhoriz:. (the Dock could be motorized to extend out):icon_ banana:.
    To accomodate for the possible weekend signal, a wi-fi and cellular booster should be included in the deck.(wi-Ex makes a few)

    Now you don't need $99 worth of suction cup window mounts and the possibility of messing up your cigarette lighter.

    Throw on pandora, downloaded music, whatever. use your stereo as your hands free device.

    If a company like Pioneer, Alpine, Sony, or better makes a deck for us, we can eliminate the need for the car having the navigation.

    This can be the start of a human interface revolution.( No need for OnStar, bluetooth in the car, and never leave your droid uncharged.

    An APP could be created to :
    1. page you when your car is being broken into.
    2. sense a collision and if you don't repond the phone will alert emrgency help.
    3. have AAA or whoever holds your roadside assistance can alert Towing and Repair services directly to your location faster than you could call by seaching Aloqa(free App) for help near you.
    4. play Audio books while you are driving.
    5. to instant ideas by using a voice recording type of memo.
    6. remind you to stop and pick up things when your in certain areas.(my idea) for instance: when you need to pick up something that is only in certain areas and its not really important, but when you drive somewhere it could be out of the way. So to save gas and shipping, you have a reminder pop up when you are a set location from the store or vendor that has what your looking for. IT SHOULD ALSO CHECK AND SEE IF THE LOCATION IS OPEN NEAR YOU. OR SHOW THE HOURS of operation.:)
    7. track & save time and work miles travelled and store for work, medical and Taxes.(IRS, Intuits turbotax, etc. Accounting software)
    8. for accident reports when your adrenalines pumping from a wreck and you need to exchange information, the Application walks you through all of the questions to properly document the Accident while emergency vehicles are on the way.
    9. that you enter the vehicle your driving and it listens to your vehicle and uses it's microphone to detect potential problems from arising. (Knocking engines make certine noises.

    This is totally doable:
    Car stereo adapters: great company is :Schoshce
    Car Stereos: We all have preferences:
    how about one with AM/FM tuner, 45Watts x 4 mosfet amplifier, with 2-3 preouts for amps and of course inputs. A USB input on the back and front of the deck.

    If we can build it I am sure we will all rave about it and love it. We signed up for at least 2 years, lets get this thing built.

    The only problem is that I am an engineering student and have not learned all of the 3d modeling software programs I need to design this. However I have drawn up some prototype drawings on paper.
    Have ideas for home integration uses too.
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