Car Mode locks up my device

Discussion in 'Audio and Video' started by nateccnn, May 10, 2017.

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    Moto Z Force connected to Pioneer 4200NEX head unit

    I have USB connected to back of the head unit that I then connect to my phone when I am in the car. Also have Bluetooth connection enabled. The hands free phone works great through the Bluetooth when Android Auto is running on the head unit. I can long press my steering wheel control button to active Google Now (or assistant).

    The one thing that's annoying is every time I plug the USB cable into the phone, the phone auto launches Car Mode and Android Auto. I cannot exit Car Mode without disconnecting the USB and then plugging it back in. When Car Mode is enabled I cannot access anything on the phone.

    I'd like to manually launch Android Auto and not Car Mode. Or at the very least automatically kill car mode but leave android auto running in background. Any way to accomplish that?

    I am not rooted. I used to root years ago but lost the need around Kit Kat version. Not even sure if Z Force can be rooted, but if so I could do that. Rather do it without rooting though.