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Discussion in 'Seidio' started by apl3, Oct 19, 2010.

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    I was given a car dock for the Droid as a present it was purchased of of ebay. Here is the problem I fixed it but I thought I would share my findings. The car dock would stop charging my droid. Since there was no warranty I had no problem taking it apart. What i found was the plastic piece that held the power adapter that connects to the phone was made of two pieces. What was happening was I could push the power connector down by hand into the dock. When everything was apart I found the two pieces that formed a clamp to hold the power connector was secured with two screws and and had sticky tape around it. I epoxied the mini usb connector to the plastic housing so it could not move up and down. It looks like the plastic housing was a bit oversize. This may have been an early unit the serial number is 157186.