can't update to latest market

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    [SOLVED] Edit: It's updated... I flashed this instead of the .sbf to "start over" again: . Maybe it was just a coincidence, but it's updated now... weird.

    Original Post: I went off for awhile, but got back on with Verizon recently with my DX that has been sitting in a drawer for a couple of months. I SBF'd to the latest 2.3.340 to "start fresh" so to speak. Everything appears to be working fine, except one thing... I'm apparently stuck on the old version of the Android market. It's been almost 2 days now, and it's still on the old version. I would've thought that it would update by now, and it has me questioning if something went wrong when I flashed the SBF - i.e. build prop issues or something along those lines.
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