Can't search contacts after patch

Discussion in 'Android Support' started by reeltempting, May 22, 2010.

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    May 22, 2010
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    After this latest 77.1mb patch (as of 5/15/2010-ish) my search function for searching my people is gone. The favorites have been moved into the group menu as well.

    Of course, I can just start typing the name as a way of searching, but the actual search is now gone. Also on the favorites hot screen (ya know when I flip my finger across the screen for the 2nd-dary menu) I have noticed that once I send a favorite a txt message it then defaults to that option and I no longer get their entire contact card to display.

    when I go to Phone>menu>people>groups>Favorites...then I can get to their contact cumbersome while driving anyone?...but not the one swipe on the main menu.

    I mean seriously...i'm not gonna stop txting while driving...that is just crazy talk right there...but one would like to simplify this so I can stay one step away from the un-guided missile category on the road.



    (Disclaimer) - in case I kill a family of 5 while txt'ing and the prosecuting office manages to trace this IP back to me and then wants to use it as evidence that I am a malicious menace to the road who flagrantly threw the ban-on-txting law to the wind in favor of my selfish whims and have now ruined a family and belong bars...seriously...can't you take a joke?

    (Disclaimer 2) When I say...Can't you take a fair saying in your closing arguments..."This isn't a joke and I don't see anyone laughing Mr. no one here is laughing at all" Because seriously...I enterprised these jokes and no fair ripping them off...especially if you are trying to throw me behind bars...seriously...they won't let me take my droid to prison.