cant root cant update cant enter debugging mode.

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    so i have droid 2 and i rooted it, i wanted the new ota 2.3 update so i decide 2 unroot it while unrooting it i still wasnt able to update even after hard reset, im guessing it has to do with clockwork recovery logwrapper.bin file and hijack file, so i tried to reroot my d2 so i can delete the files, but i cant enter debugging mode while connected to pc mode through usb, i can enter debugging mode through usb mass storage and charge only connections. i have updated all my drivers and sdk's, and i cant do a sbf swipe since i cant enter debugging mode, so now im stuck with a phone at android 2.2 with no option to update or root please help.. when i turn debugging on i get the verizon arrows in the notifaction bar (the ones that look like they are spinning) when i try to root it the adb recognizes device but wont let me push the files over, i just want to sbf swipe it if anyone can help please do... oh and when i try to get update it restarts and starts installing update but fails and reboots to clockwork recovery
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