Can't receive pics from some cell phones...

Discussion in 'Project Elite' started by bullswife98, Feb 8, 2011.

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    Ok here 's the problem, can get pic messages from my kids and co -workers, family friends, ect... but not from my husbands moto barage, I can send him mine, he can send me text but no pics with this Rom. Don't know what happened or even why, but got them before I flashed even switched out the Rom, can get them no problem. Flashed this back on my phone and again can't get any pics just his texts that's it. So wtf??!! I love this Rom and want to use it as my daily rom, but if I can't get my man's pic messages then I 'll have to leave this Rom. Any advice or a fix would be great!

    Thanks in advance. Confused. O_0

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