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Can't quite finish rooting?!

Discussion in 'Droid Incredible 2 Hacks' started by khale1217, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. khale1217

    khale1217 New Member

    Nov 26, 2012
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    So I have been attempting to root my phone all day. First I had to downgrade it from 2.3.4 and the firmware of 6.605.50 or something like that. Then followed a guide to get S-off and flash Clockwork recovery. Now I can get to the fastboot screen and it says S-off and I can go into Recovery. However, every time I try to install the su zip I can't find it. All my other content on my SD card shows up. Just not that one. And I did what the guide said, which was to paste the zip straight onto my SD card. And when I go into disk drive I can see it there. But just when I go into recovery. So I started the process, but I'm confused why it won't let me finish. PLEASE HELP!

    Nevermind I figured it out! I didn't know I could scroll down the SD files and it was all the way at the bottom.
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