Can't Move Apps to SD Card

Discussion in 'Liquid' started by mackncheesiest, Apr 27, 2011.

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    Something I've noticed in the last few versions of LGB (I can't vouch for v1.7 though as I haven't had the chance to upgrade) is that when I try to move apps to the sd card through the built in android feature, they give me an error that says "There is not enough storage left".

    The funny thing, though, is that I have over 6GB left on my sd card, so it actually does have the space available, but it just thinks it doesn't. The only app I was able to move over is MiniSquadron (which is otherwise roughly 26 MB), and with all other apps I've tried, I get the error mentioned above. Is there a limit to the amount of app data that can be stored on the sd card or something?
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