can't link /data/data to /system/sd/data

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    Hi Guys,

    I'm using Froyo Sense ROM ([ROM] Pays-ROM Froyo Sense v2.2 A2SD+ [UPDATED] [07/OCT/10] - xda-developers) with APP2SD support.

    I have my sd card partitioned to EXT2 and FAT32 and i can see that /data/app, /data/app-private and /data/dalvik-cache are linked to the corresponding folder in /system/sd.

    But i noticed that my phone memory is still getting filled as i install new applications and i was able to see that /data/data is the one that is getting bigger.

    So i've decided to take a change, created a new folder under the sd card (/system/sd), copied the data to the new folder, deleted the old one and created a link from the phone to the sd card.

    I don't think i have done things wrong and i can see that the link is working fine.

    BUT - when i reboot my phone - it seems to re-create the data folder, remove my link (and it also copies the data back from the linked sd folder to the newly created actual folder). No matter what i do - it won't accept my change - and it is smart enough to revert it! so it must be intended.

    My assumption is that some script (probably the APP2SD) is doing that.
    It really bothers me, since if i solve this issue i'm unlimited with space.

    I really like this ROM and prefer to keep it but if someone knows of a (froyo sense) rom that does it also (in addition to app/app-private/dalvik-cache) i would be more than great-full.

    Any help will be appreciated. If editing files is required - shoot - i have no problem taking the chance.

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