Can't Install Maps APK

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    I decided to give sapphire 1.0 after hearing about some of the cool features it included and hearing about how fast and smooth it was. I've always been a huge bugless beast fan but i took the plunge and so far have only run into multiple problems with sapphire and have had to do a lot of fixes. I still however will agree that it is very smooth, fast and has some really cool features i like anyway here are my two main problems that i haven't been able to fix.

    First off as I said above I'm running sapphire 1.0 and i have the luna theme applied. I've tried downloading it from the market and every time i get "installation error unknown error -8" I then tried deleting my cache using the app cache cleaner and i went into recovery and wiped cache partion. I tried downloading it again and got the same error i've deleted the maps.apk that i tried downloading into my phone in data/apps i tried the google apps update from sapphires website. I tried these commands in terminal emulator to remove the app
    mount -o remount,rw -t yaffs2 dev/block/mtdblock4 system
    busybox rm system/app/maps.apk
    cd system/bin
    sh pm uninstall
    cd ..
    cd ..
    mount -o ro,remount -t yaffs2 dev/block/mtdblock4 system

    I even went to my bugless beast back up that had a working maps app and pulled that and tried to install it from my memory card using root explorer. I just can't get maps to work anyone else having this problem on sapphire 1.0? Any fixes, ideas etc?

    Lastly my wifi won't turn on i keep getting an error it won't even start.
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