Can't flash kernels?

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    EDIT: Did some looking on Chevy's kernel page and found one that works, apparently is something in the LGB that was messing up. Sorry for the post

    Hey everyone, I have loaded several ROMs (UD3, PE5 BB stock GB, CM7 nightly etc..) And I cannot load any kernel on them except for the stock one. Every time I try and load a new one I just get boot loops.

    So I wonder if I am missing something.. I just am putting the .zip on my sd and flashing in CW. Should I format something before flashing? I am at a loss, I have tried Chevy's and a few others and nothing works.

    I know not all phones can handle different kernels but I have not tried anything over 800mhz and I have tried ulv, lv, and med.

    Any advice would be appreciated, thanks in advance! dancedroid
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