Can't Delete Headers In Gmail

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    The people that forward emails and don't delete their 'headers' drive me crazy, but worse than that I can't seem to find how to delete them when I want to forward the email with these HEADERS on my Droid X. I can delete anything in the 'subject' line, but nothing below that. I called Motorola support and talked with some guy in Asia and I couldn't understand what the guy was telling me so I hung up He called back in about an hour and told me to just 'highlight' what I wanted to delete and then just delete my little heart out, BUT the bad thing with that is the guy from Asia didn't have a clue what he was talking about because I tried that the first time I tried to delete and you can't highlight anything.....So if anyone has had this similar problem within Gmail I would really appreciate any help you can provide

    thanks...Papa Mike

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