Can't connect to Exchange 2010 SP1 w/ BB 6.1

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    Hope this helps someone

    I recently rooted my HTC droid incredible, and flashed the newest OMGB] rom to my phone.

    I went to my accounts and sync setting, and attempted to add my GMAIL account. Tried everything to get it to work: pop3, imap, exchange. Nothing worked. Same stupid error. :icon_evil:

    I needed to change 2 things, make sure your gmail settings follow this:
    (by default my phone thought the server ActiveSync server address was

    Gmail Exchange ActiveSync server address:
    Gmail Exchange ActiveSync domain: google
    Gmail Exchange ActiveSync user name: Your full Gmail address (e.g.
    Gmail Exchange ActiveSync password: Your Gmail password
    Gmail Exchange ActiveSync TLS/SSL required: yes

    Then I plugged my phone into my computer, and realized I left USB Debugging mode enabled. TURN THIS OFF!
    Settings>Applications>Development>UNCHECK USB debugging

    Alright, so I got out of the menus, enabled my Wi-Fi, connected to my wireless and tried to connect again..and SUCCESS! dancedroid

    Hope it works for someone else.
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