Can't activate after returning to stock

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    Hi all,

    A couple weeks ago I decided to partake in some froyo goodness, so I rooted my phone and played with several different custom roms.

    With it rumored that an official froyo ota is on the way, I decided to go back to stock. I did so by following the directions found here (option 5):

    Specifially, I used RSD Lite to flash the 2.01 stock sbf file to my droid. The file I used was found in the above link, again under option 5.

    After the flash, I was prompted to activate my phone. All attempts resulted in failure. I tried all last night (Sunday), and all day today (Monday). I eventually gave up and called verizon this afternoon.

    Verizon walked me through a manual activation. This gave me txt messaging and voice. Data only works if 'data roaming' is enabled in the options. The phone still won't activate via *228 (tried both option 1 activation and option 2 roaming), nor via *22899. Verizon told me to keep trying to activate via *228, and to call back if it doesn't work.

    Also, before the manual activation my google account was syncing fine, but now I get a sign in error - it tells me my password is wrong. I reentered the password several times with no luck. I also signed in/out to my google account online and tried again, again with no luck.

    So, um... HELP! What should I do at this point? I can sort of live with the activation icon/screen for a little while, but the lack of it syncing with google is problematic (i.e. no market).

    Suggestions anyone?


    Edit: Okay, so I just tried Settings-> Privacy -> Factory Data Reset. Phone rebooted, and activated ota first try. Everything seems good so far. Figured I'd leave this here just in case someone else has the same problem.
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