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    Ok, so I'm no "noob" when it comes to droid's.. I rooted my D2 in like.. 2minutes with one click. However, can't do this with DX. It says it cannot find my device. Which I find this frustrating considering my PC does see it.. in fact.. i can place stuff on my sdcard, see it in hardware profile, and that annoying verizon b.s. comes up. I tried the "non" adb moving busybox, su , rage*.bin, superuser.apk, etc. all over to sd card and typing the stuff in terminal emulator. Tried twice. failed both. so what are my options? I'd prefer NOT to have to do an SBF file that is already rooted.


    Z4root from XDA worked... now I will start testing rom's again.

    I'll start posting theme's when I find which ROM works for me :)
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