Cannot Connect to Windows 7 Hotspot

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    My Motorola Droid does not receive a signal from a tethered Windows 7 wifi hotspot. However, my iPod does receive the signal and I can connect to the wifi hotspot to use the Internet flawlessly. A coworker of mine has the same problem with their Droid. I do not think the problem lies within the phone because I can connect to wifi hotspots elsewhere with no problems at all. It just seems like there is some sort compatibility issue between a tethered Windows 7 hotspot and the Droid. For the record, this problem occurred pre- and post-rooting, so that is definitely not a factor.

    Any idea what's going on?

    Caveat: I have mercilessly tried Googling and searching these forums for the resolution to this issue but cannot find anything.

    EDIT: Guess I can't delete posts. Posted this in a different forum, so this can be deleted unless it's cool to have it here as well.
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