Cannot backup ROM - Cannot boot into recovery

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    For two days I couldn't backup ROM, couldn't boot into recovery. I scoured the forums and found a bit here and a bit there, none of which really helped. I finally figured it out and thought I'd post my process here in hopes of helping somebody else.

    First, here's what I have:
    • Droid 1 running Android version 2.2
    • Baseband version C_01.43.01P.
    • Kernal version
    • android-build@ap26 #1
    • Mod Version CynogenMod-6.0.0-Droid
    • BuildFRG22
    • Rooted
    • Running SetCPU at 800/550
    • CM6.0 - Rom Manager Premium
    • I was originally running CM6.0 - Rom Manager Premium
    The problem were not being able to backup my current ROM or boot into Recovery. Anytime I tried either all I got was the M logo for 3 minutes, the M logo flashed and went back to the M logo for 1 second then booted into normal operating mode. Here is the list of what I did:

    1. Reset Permissions
    2. loaded rom manager
    3. Menu > Clear Download Cache
    4. Flashed ClockWorkMod Recovery
    5. Menu > Clear Download Cache
    6. Rebooted
    7. Flashed Alternate Recovery - SPRecovery 0.33.3b
    8. Menu > Clear Download Cache
    9. Rebooted
    10. Flashed ClockWorkMod Recovery
    11. Menu > Clear Download Cache
    12. Rebooted
    13. Backup Current ROM
    And it finally Fracking worked! Rock on. I hope this helps somebody. If somebody knows an easier way to accomplish the same thing then please post it!
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