Can you school me please???

Discussion in 'HTC Droid Incredible' started by DOC540I, Nov 15, 2010.

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    My names DOC and im a newb to the droid community. I have had a several Iphones and got tired of them. I have decided to try out droid for all of the customization with them.

    I have a new Incredible and would very much like to try some of the themes that are posted on here.

    I had read the FAQS sections and from what i can get from it is that in order to apply these themes, you must first root your phone. Am I correct?

    Also, before i do any such thing, of course i need to back up my phone, but all the threads i have read, people are doing so with PC's but i'm a mac guy and have a macbook pro.

    Can someone please school me on the basics on what I need to do to apply a new theme?

    BTW: I added this thread to the introductions section already, but was hoping i would have more luck here.thanks.