Can Some of you guys help me with this?

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    Im doing my presentation in 5 hours, And ive got zero seleep. Im planing on taking a nap, waking up in an hour or two but ive got a 6 page report due in 4 hours so im going to be busy on that when i wake up. Ive got most of my "Call to Action" Civic issue speech done but can someone enhance it a little more? Im not thinking strait at moment so correcting the content is fine too. :) ill take any help here.

    This is my 6-8min speech so far:
    "Introduction- When buying a mobile device, the Android platform offers more control and options than iOS.
    Before I hit the issue first a little backround. I’m sure every person in this room is wondering what is iOS and Android is? iOS is an Mac OS X derived operating system that was developed by Apple, and is being used in several of their key devices. The devices that currently have iOS are the iPhone, Ipad, iPod Touch, and Apple TV. Android is currently an Open-Sourced Linux based operating system that was developed by Google.
    The Major issue I am advocating you not to buy an iOS device is control. Apple controls practically everything with iOS. The company wants, and is making everything but the service controlled by them. First, One big thing, that makes me FUMING is the fact that itunes is forced. Users of iOS can’t opt out of using iTunes. iDevices are synced to an online account with Apple that runs through iTunes. In other words, your brand new iDevice can’t simply just be plugged into any computer and have its music and whatnot played with. You have to have your iDevice, plugged into a computer with iTunes that is running your specific account. It’s makes me fuming, because I don’t think it’s Apples place to restrict the way I add media. Copy and pasting music is a native feature for practically any other media device on the market. With Android, There are no such limitations. There is no software that the platform is bound to, and the control is given to the user to get the media on the device. * Wouldn’t you be freaked out if you started dating someone and suddenly you were only allowed to do stuff the way he/she allowed? Apple is like that controlling date. (Except dates aren’t under 2 year contracts with cancelation fees) Another loss of control isn’t going to affect all of you but it’s the fact the the App store only allows “approved” apps. This means that if Apple’s opinion is law, and iOS provides no other choices in app stores as of yet. A specific example of this is Apple disallows emulators in the App Store. Emulators are legal, but just happen to be against Apple’s policy. Android’s market is quite the opposite in the fact, it’s market is open to any application. There are occasions where Google removes certain applications but its only for virus sake, and I believe they also remove any porn related things. Google’s market is also not the only app store, so the user has a choice in what they want to use.
    The Second and last issue I am advocating you not to buy an iOS device is options. iOS is only on Proprietary hardware. Which means it’s only on apples devices. With android, you get versatility. Android is open sourced so that means any hardware company that wants to put it in their device can. Android has been put on low end devices for the more poor users, and its also been put on high end devices for the richer crowds. Android is loaded on various tablets, and handsets."

    I still need to write my conclusion so that cant really be enhanced, but can someone help me with this second paragraph a little? If not then any ideas that you have are appreciated. Thank you in advance. ***This is a speech btw, not a paper, so what your reading is going to be my notes. thats why it has questions and such.