Can not mount or format internal storage. HELP plz.

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    Seems like i have lost the internal storage. In storage settings: Total Space - Unavailable, Available Space - Unavailable. It appears as if all the files are now being stored on the ext SD card.

    When tethered to computer, I get a Motoral E: drive that performs as a CD and has software. And 2 removable disk drives with one show files on the ext sd card and the other wants me to install disk into that drive. I have attached screen shots for each showing the poperties.



    Phone is not rooted...I dont think anyway. Sort of a noob with the x2 since I just migrated away from a Blackberry Curve a few weeks ago.

    The phone was new and thought everything was great until last weekend when it got hot and locked up. So I pulled the battery and that is where this all started. Upon restart, phone went to a boot loop. Had to hard reset to get it back up. Erased cache ect.

    One last thing....If I unmount and remove the external sd card, then reboot the goes through the intial start up and comes to the unlock screen. At this point the phone locks up. Also tried to format internal storage and mount which gives an error that says storage may be damaged and need to format. Which I do and get the same error.
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