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    I recently developed a problem with my Dinc with the 3g dropping and will not restart untill you shut down and this time the ringtones also go back to default tones instead of the custom ones I have assigned.Verizon is being really cool about this..mainly because this will be my 3rd dinc in 6 months.They are sending me 2 phones another Dinc and a motorola X.I can keep the one i want and have to send the other back or be charged for it.The problem is that there both reconditioned..which is fine..but reconditioned phones dont come with batteries and battery have to use your old one.They ARE sending me a battery,cover,charger and bodyglove for the X..but it has to come from another located and will be a day or two after the phone arrives.But bottom line I cant activate it unless i want it.So I'm looking for thoughts on the 2 phones.Both will be certified reconditioned with warranties..