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    I am working with an artist named Wafaa Bilal on a project called the 3rdi and we are running into a problem you might be able to help with. Currently the 3rdi camera is a USB uEye XS, built and sold by ids imaging, and connected to a small notebook. The current setup works but is a bit clunky so we are wanting to take a Droid phone and extend the camera board about three feet from the phone. We are artists, not engineers, so we have no idea how to do this. We're hoping to find someone able to produce a cable that will extend the camera board from the phone or point us to a company or individual capable of producing the cable. We are not looking for a freebie, so if you are willing to help we are willing to pay. We have contacted several cable manufacturers, even companies that produce custom units, with no luck. Any help, advice, nod in the right direction will be greatly appreciated.

    Note: I have uploaded a series of diagrams that illustrate the connectors. I'm no engineer so they make little sense to me, but they may be helpful.
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