Calls to speakerphone, screen freezes

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    This morning, I got a notice to update GoSMS Pro. In the reviews, I saw that many were complaining that the update (not sure if it was this update or the previous one) caused their incoming CALLS to go to speakerphone. That struck a chord, b/c I had just received two replacement Droid2s and I was having that exact problem (calls going to speakerphone, randomly) with one of them. It also made me wonder, that since GoSMS Pro has the functionality to unlock the screen and display incoming texts, could the app have anything to do with the screen freeze that we were experiencing on our original D2s.
    As much as I like the app, I uninstalled GoSMS Pro and went back to the native text messaging app. Time will tell if the random speakerphone problem persists. The limited testing I did between our two phones indicates that everything is normal.
    One of the problems with the Market is that the app must be installed on the phone in order to write a review. So those that find that a particular app causes problems, and uninstall it ASAP, are unable to write about the problems in the Market. That makes the ratings skewed upwards. (Not the case with the Amazon Appstore, where an uninstalled app is still in your account, and you can review it.)
    Anyone else experiencing speakerphone answering and/or screen freezes with or without GoSMS Pro?
    UPDATE: 9/3/11; With GB installed, and without GOSMS Pro, our two D2s have been running fine. Immediately after installing GB, I realized that none of the "free" apps from Amazon would work without being signed in to Amazon. Didn't like the idea that Amazon had its hooks into our phones to that extent, and the deception that the app was only "free" if we were signed in. So I removed all the Amazon apps and the Amazon appstore. Phones work great and I can do without all those Amazon apps.
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