"Callist - Call manager": a new Android app

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    Hey Everyone!
    Toady I released a new Android app called "Callist - Call manager"
    It is completely free and has no ads.

    Some key words for lazy people:
    call management, top10 contacts, call reminders, awesome widget, dial/text/access whatsapp/email in one place, cool.

    Download link:

    A few words about Callist:
    Callist will remind you that your smartphone is also a phone.
    It brings all of the day to day actions together (dial/text/access whatsapp/email and more).
    You will get easy access (using the app and the widget) to your top10 contacts, most recent calls, and most importently, your Callist - a list of all of the calls you need to do.
    Callist will help you build this list from unanswered calls, contacts you where not able to reach, short "Call you right back" calls an more.
    In addition, you can add call reminders in different parts of your day.

    I would love to hear your feedback, and I hope you will enjoy the app :)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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