Call Waiting/ Hanging Up Original Call

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    I have a Moto D2, used to have a MyTouch for TMob. For my older android MyTouch phone, if I was on a call and received a second call (call waiting), I had the option to pick up the call or hang up current call and pick second one. Now with D2 newer Adroid OS, if I recieve a second call on call waiting, I"m unable to get the option to hang up current call to pick up call waiting. Problem for me is that when I do answer the second call, the first phone call stays active until I hang up the second call. That worries me becuase I'm wondering if my minutes are being used on the original call because the call still seems to be active. I was going to call customer service but I'll probably get a better response from this forum. Thanks in advance for any help.
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