Call waiting & conference call issues. IT'S DRIVING ME WHACKY!

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    Anyone having a problem with your call waiting and 3 way calling? ever since the gingerbread update, when I switch over to take a incoming call via call waiting, once I complete that call & go back to the original call the 2nd line does Not revert back to being a free line. So even though the second caller has hung up, both phone line still remain in the line in use status. The same goes for conference (3way) calls. When I attempt to add a 3rd party to a conversation it will work fine, but if whomever I call doesn't answer or it goes to voicemail, I will attempt to end second call or hang up and and return to the conversation with the first caller, the 2nd line still shows that it's connected or in use even though it's not, thus occupying the 2nd line for any incoming calls or allowing me to add anyone else into the existing conference call. I have searched google several times and even posted this question twice on the droid forum under droid x technical issues but no 1 responds with a solution. I have not taken it to a verizon store out of fear that they will just want to try to reset the phone. I believe if they reset the phone, the phone will reinstall all of the updates, I will have lost all the app's I bought, lose all text messages I've saved, attachment I've saved and all contacts settings like personal ringtones and pictures set to each contact and the rest of the phone set back to the way I have it. And then once everything is back to the way I had it and all the updates have been re-installed, I will be right back where I started with the same issue. Any suggestions?
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