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Discussion in 'Android Support' started by naykam0810, May 12, 2010.

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    Good Afternoon Droid community,

    Here is my issue, maybe someone can help. I bought my droid in March 9, and yesterday I switched my phone for the fourth time. All the replacement phones have been new droids, not refurbished. I have a problem with static sound on the background, this happens on every call outgoing and incoming.

    There are the things that I have done and verizon has completed also:

    1. Change the VACode. Did not work
    2. Verizon change my phone number and that didn't work either
    3. Verizon tagged all my phone calls for a period of 3 days and they verified the towers in close proximity from where I leave.

    I called in today and they said that they are going to do some more troubleshooting and will call me on friday. The rep asked me which phones I would be interested on and I told him that I really love my droid and don't want to change it, but in the other hand I'm very frustrated with this issue. Honestly, the only phone that I would even think of getting is the Incredible, and that's probably impossible to accomplish. Anyway just throwing this out there to see if anybody has a solution, thanks.
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