Call manager with option to put through - Does it exist????

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    Right, I'm looking for a type of app (don't even know if it excists).

    Often I'm out running or in the gym, I get phonecalls. 90% of them aren't important right there and then and can be dealt with later. But I'm afraid to switch my phone to Airplane mode because of the 10%.

    What I'm looking for is an app that can present the caller with a message and an option to either hang up or be put through to me.

    * I'm in the gym from 18:00 till 20:00.

    I've pre-recorded a message saying "Hi you've reached *name*. Right now I'm at the gym and would rather call you back later. However, if this is a urgent matter, you can press 2."

    * John calls me and is presented with the message. So far, because he hasn't made a choice yet, I'm undisturbed and still unaware that anyone is calling.

    - In scenario one, it's not an urgent matter, so I'll just get a missed call notification when he hangs up.

    - In scenario two, it is an urgent matter, so he presses 2 and is put through to me.

    Do this kind of app exist? :eek:

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