Call Informer - Why doesn't Android show the Organization name for callers?

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    Call Informer - Caller ID Enhancement

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    Call Informer shows any or all of the following on your Caller ID screen:

    Nickname (0.5.3)
    Company name
    Job Title (0.3.1)
    City and/or State
    Notes (0.3.2)

    The information comes from your Contacts database. Call Informer does not look this information up on the Internet or in a database; rather, it only shows information you have entered in the Contacts app on your device (or in Contacts through the Gmail web interface).

    You can change these aspects of the display:

    Font size
    Font color
    Vertical position (to accommodate different screen sizes)

    I wrote Call Informer because Android shows only the name and number when I get a call. I take Tech Support calls with my Droid at work, and it is beneficial to know which John or Barry is calling from what company. Unfortunately, Android does not show this information. I have used company logos as contact pictures to get around this in the past, but even with a company logo I still don't know which location the contact is calling from.

    More details can be found on my site: QRCode follows:


    I think Call Informer will benefit many more users than just myself. Give it a try!

    -- Jesta
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