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    Call Log Protector
    Call History Protector
    Protect your call history, protect your privacy! Hide your call log and history. Keep your call log and history in a safe place, top security! Now no one can ever see your call history without your permission. Now you never worry about your data security when you lost your Android phone or someone sneaks at your phone. They get nothing! This is Call Log Protector! Protect your personal information being revealed in any circumstance.
    The hide call log feature allows you to add the contact and all incoming, outgoing and missed calls will be deleted from your regular call logs. And you can view them in Call Log Protector.
    *Select contact to hide the call history
    *Manage your hidden contacts at one page
    *Review hidden calls and public calls on one page
    *Now you can make notes on your calls, make your call history more informational, just for yourself
    *Multi-select to delete calls, both hidden calls and system calls
    *Password protection
    *Hide application icon
    *Dial 3333 or pin number to open Call Log Protector.
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