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    Not sure where to put this question so feel free to move it if need be.

    Well I just downloaded an app for market. The app is called " Call Blocker"

    the app was made by EveryCall. ( Find out who called you. Block calls with Call Control on Blackberry and Android ) This app works really well for blocking unwanted

    However when the app blocks a call it sets off one of my other apps which is Meridian Player. I'm trying to find out if anyone else is having the same issue.

    Never had an issue until I downloaded the app called Call Blocker. I'm hoping someone will tell me if there is a fix or do I have to give up on one of these apps which would be a bad thing since both are really good.

    Just in case anyone is interested on the phone I have it's a Droid Charge ( Samsung )

    Please need your input.

    Thanks all in advance!
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