Calendar Sync (or not) Issues

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    After reading dozens of threads I seem to have the opposite problem from everyone else.

    The calendars on my Phone and Tablet (both Android) are just fine. All of the Contact birthdays and anniversarys show up just fine. This includes the default calendar and Jorte. If I add a new contact, with birthday, it is displayed on the mobile calendars within a couple of minutes.

    The problem is with the on-line calendar, viewed on the PC. Some birthdays show up and some don't. Sometimes it will show up in a day or two. At other times it will never show up.

    I always add contacts via the on-line web page using Gmail Contacts. I haven't tried adding contacts via the phone. I do not keep any contacts on the phone other than those that have synced from Gmail.

    I've been messing with this using various testing contacts for weeks and just can't seem to make any progress. Anyone got ony ideas or insights?

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